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Canon Edward Perera

Canon Edward was transferred to the parish in September 2014.  

Fr Brendan Carmody

Fr Brendan joined the parish in September 2015 from St Mary of the Crays, Crayford.  He has been Chaplain to the Goldsmith University College in recent years, and has spent more than 10 years serving as a missionary in Zambia.

Deacon Al Callan

Al and Trudie Callan came to London from Northern Ireland and Scotland, respectively, to work in the Civil Service. They married in 1967 and came to live in the parish in 1975. They have four children and several grandchildren. They enjoy presenting the Deanery Pre-Marriage Courses based on their own commitment to Marriage as well as an ongoing interest and training in Relationship Development. Al was ordained a permanent Deacon in 1992.

Sunday Mass

6.30 pm Saturday
9.00 am Sunday
11.00 am
6.00 pm

Weekday Mass

9.30 am (9 am Saturday)

Holy Days of Obligation

9.30 am & 8.00 pm


9.30-10 am & 5.30-6 pm

Parish Office

Open: 9am - 12.30pm & 1.30pm - 3pm

Closed Wednesday

Contact Us

Tel: 020 8399 9550


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