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Parish Council

Group Leader:

Parish Priest

Contact Telephone Number:

Parish Office


The Parish Office

When we meet:

Second Tuesday of every other month

Where do we meet?

RDJ Room

The group’s object / purpose:

To share with the Priests in promoting Christ’s mission in the life of the parish.   To be a focus of Parish activities and a source of community development.

Additional Information:

Working with the Clergy of the parish, we provide a forum to advise the clergy of our considered view on a particular point of discussion and can be requested by the Parish Priest to undertake the organising of a special project.   The Council in itself does not have any direct power.

Our Constitution can be read here

AGM Reports:

Chair's Report 2016

Finance Report 2016

Chair's Report 2015

Finance Report 2015

Chair's Report 2014

Finance Report 2014

Chair's Report 2013

Finance Report 2013

Chair's Report 2012

Finance Report 2012

Parish Priest's Report 2012

Chair's Report 2011

Chair's report 2010

Finance Report 2010

Parish Priest Report 2010

Sunday Mass

6.30 pm Saturday
9.00 am Sunday
11.00 am
6.00 pm

Weekday Mass

9.30 am (9 am Saturday)

Holy Days of Obligation

9.30 am & 8.00 pm


9.30-10 am & 5.30-6 pm

Parish Office

Open: 9am - 12.30pm & 1.30pm - 3pm

Closed Wednesday

Contact Us

Tel: 020 8399 9550


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