Bible Reading

Bible Reading (with optional needlework)

Group Leader:

Marie-Helene Cook

Contact Telephone Number:

0208 399 4368

E-mail:  or

When we meet:

First Thursday of every month after every 9.30 mass.  Coffee / tea / biscuits served

Bible reading commences at 10:30 with discussion until 11:30.

NB During Lent at 10am some members prefer to attend the Stations of the Cross so we do not spend half an hour over coffee. Reading starts at the usual time (10.30)

Where do we meet?

In the RDJ room – the room before the Sacristy

The group’s object / purpose:

To read and learn about the bible in a relaxed atmosphere

Additional Information:

Some members bring their sewing (hems & buttons) or knitting

The others just follow the reading on their bibles