Anyone recognise this church?

Corpus Christi, Collier Row, Romford

In April, Fr Denis Canny, parish priest of Corpus Christi visited the parish and met with Fr Ed.  On arranging the visit, he said he believed the design and architecture of his church resembled our own in Tolworth (you could say that)!   There are some pictures in PDF form further down so you can judge for yourself, but it is not just the architecture which is similar:

Our Lady Immaculate parish founded in 1933

Corpus Christi parish founded in 1938

Our Lady Immaculate built the Catholic Hall as its first building on the site in 1934.  This became the first Mass Centre.

Corpus Christi built its hall as the first building on site in 1953.  Prior to that, the Mass Centre was the British Legion Hall, followed by the Bell and Gate Public House when the war started and the British Legion hall was requisitioned by the army.

Our Lady Immaculate was completed and opened in 1958

Corpus Christi foundation stone of its new church laid in 1964, and the church opened in November 1965 and is described as a “free modern interpretation of Italian Romanesque architecture.”

Our Lady Immaculate church was consecrated in 1963

Corpus Christi church was consecrated in 1979

To view pictures of our “sister” church, please click here

Andrew Richardson