Secular Franciscan Order

Group Leader:

Ann Groves (Minister of the Kingston Fraternity)

Contact Telephone Number:

0208 395 1016


When we meet:

Once a month on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm

Where do we meet?

The Parish Pastoral Centre

The group’s object / purpose:

As Franciscans, we desire, like St Francis to live the Gospel in a radical manner going from Gospel to life, and life to the Gospel.

To follow Christ in simplicity, peace and joy,

To help people discover the face of God.

To be close to the persons who are despised and marginalised.

To go where the love of Christ has not been revealed.

Additional Information:

Everyone has heard of the Franciscans.   Indeed, the Franciscan orders are the most successful and popular of all religious orders.   At the heart of the Franciscan order is St Francis himself, whose life was, and still is, an inspiration to millions of people around the world.   His message was and remains one of total love for, and commitment to, Jesus Christ and Christ’s values, so clearly revealed to us in the Gospels.

Francis lived between 1182 and 1226.   He had a great religious experience when he heard the voice of God from the crucifix in the derelict church of St Damiano in Assisi saying “Francis, rebuild my church which you can see is falling into ruin.”   Although, at first, Francis took the message literally, he very soon came to realise that he was meant to bring a freshness of the spirit of love for God, his fellow man, and indeed for all creation into a church that needed new life.   He was very popular and drew people to follow him.   However, many people who had homes and families, also wanted to follow the Franciscan way of life.   So, Francis established an order for them.   Originally known as the Third Order, we are now known as the Secular Franciscan Order and this order, and along with the first order, The Friars Minor, and the second order, The Poor Clares, is 800 years old.

Today, the world has become increasingly materialistic and unbelieving.   Franciscans are needed to take the joy of the love of Christ to his people.   The message is still of total love of God, our fellow man whoever he is, and indeed, the environment.   A simple message that calls for a simple life, and a reassessment of our values.   In this way, although the Order is 800 years old, the message is modern and for today.

Are you being called to the Catholic Franciscan life?

Do you ever feel that you are being called to a deeper relationship with God through the Franciscans?

Do you dismiss the idea because you are married or have to life in the secular world?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then please contact Ann above.