Lenten Project

Group Leader:

Phil Townsend

Contact Telephone Number:

0208 399 3481



When we meet:

Quarterly or as needed

Where do we meet?

Old Chapel or the RDJ Room

The group’s object / purpose:

The Parish Lenten Project (PLP) was established in 1971.  The aim of the project is give the parish a charitable focal point during Lent and give everyone (all groups, clubs and societies) in the parish the opportunity to take part in fund raising for the developing world projects.

Additional Information:

Ideally, we like to support charities that have a connection or association with people in the OLI parish or school.  Everyone is welcome to attend meetings and / or propose a charity or organisation for us to support.

Here is an outline of the criteria that we use to select charities:

  1. Charity or organisation needs to be based in the developing world
  2. Direct help – we are looking for small charities / organisations rather than large established charities – no intermediate organisations or government agencies
  3. Christian based
  4. Confidence in the recipient – we need to know that the money will be going directly to the charity
  5. Value for money – small and professionally run charity / organisation in the developing world
  6. Organisations that have small overheads – we want to make sure that our money will make a real difference

Throughout Lent we run a series of fundraising activities and events to raise money for the projects.  These range from cake sales through to sponsored bike rides.   We’re always looking for new committee members and event organisers so please come along to meetings if you want to get involved in the Parish Lenten Project.

If you would like to nominate a charity for consideration, please download a form here

Nomination form in Word which will download to your computers Download’s folder

  • Minutes of the AGM held 24th November 2019 can be found here
  • Minutes of the AGM held 29th November 2020 can be found here
  • Minutes of the AGM held 27th November 2022 can be found here
  • Minutes of the AGM held October 2023 can be found here