Coronavirus – Home Resources

Contact number for our volunteer group if you need help in these difficult times is 07384 276821

Archbishop John has produced a Pastoral Letter setting out his message as public Mass is stopped for the time being


Churches are not being closed. Buildings are being closed. You are the church! You are to remain open!

The church may be shut for public Mass whilst the virus is around, but we would encourage you to watch Mass via our webcam (live streaming is set to go live 5 minutes before Mass is due to begin):

  • Our Lady Immaculate, Tolworth
    • Sunday Masses: Sat 6.30pm (Vigil); Sun 10am
    • Weekday Masses: 9.30am (9am Sat)
      • Download this Sunday’s MASS SHEET so you can follow along at home
      • Mass sheet for Pentecost Vigil (Saturday evening) can be downloaded here
      • June’s weekday Mass sheet can be downloaded here


Pentecost Sunday is on 31st May.   In preparation for that, it is customary to pray a daily novena in the week leading up to that, seating on Friday 22nd May.  Please download your copy here.


Reading scripture is always a good thing, not just whilst we are cooped up at home. The following is a selection of websites which provide scripture excerpts along with a commentary, some of which can be emailed to you daily.  Many of the below would only take 3-4 minutes to read, others a little longer:

  • Daily Catholic Gospel from Bishop Robert Barron.  Free email to you each morning with a link to the Gospel reading and a short commentary
  • Bible Alive is a subscription printed service delivering a booklet with a months supply of daily bible readings with commentary
  • Catholic Daily Reflections is a website with commentaries on the day’s scripture readings (amongst other resources) and the ability to have a free email with daily reflections
  • Universalis has so much more than just readings – this works really well as an app on your phone or iPad, and for a one time fee, you can download it onto serval devices
  • The Word Among Us is a vast resource of online material
  • Pray as you go is an audio prayer experience (free) which you genuinely, pray on the go!


MISSIO As the coronavirus causes schools to close, Missio has produced free, downloadable resources to use with younger children in homeschooling, or for staff caring for younger children in school, and they plan to add to the range in the near future.

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