Part of the Kingston Foodbank Project

Group Leaders:

Helen Emmett, Jackie Murphy, Anne O’Brien, Ruth Oliver

Contact Telephone Number:

0208 399 9550


The group’s object / purpose:

Kingston Foobank provides support for local people who are in crisis and unable to feed themselves or their families.

Additional Information:

Here at OLI, we hold a monthly food collection, which feeds into a borough wide collection. The collection dates are highlighted in the parish newsletter a week before the collection date. We also give those wishing to donate an idea of what the Foodbank needs or what is in particular demand.

If you are a parishioner with any spare time and would like to join our little team and help with the collection & the delivery of food, please contact the co-ordinators through the parish office.

Please see Kingston Foodbank website at where you can find information on the work of this excellent charity and details of how to access the support that is provided.