Children’s Liturgy

Sunday 9am Mass

Group Leader:

Elspeth Casey

Contact Telephone Number:

0208 399 9550 (Parish Office)

E-mail: (Parish Office)

When we meet:

During term time at the 9am Mass on Sunday.

Where do we meet?

After the Penitential Rite, the Priest will invite the children to process with the group leaders to the RDJ room where the Children’s Liturgy will take place. The children return to the Church during the offertory hymn.

Who is it for?

The Children’s Liturgy is for all children aged between 4 and 8yrs (until children commence their First Holy Communion).

Why a Children’s Liturgy?

The aim of the group is to provide the children with an adapted Liturgy of the Word during the 9am Mass on Sundays in a context which encourages them to listen, to pray and to respond to the word of God within a safe place.

How does it work?

The Children’s Liturgy Group is run by a group of parent volunteers. The Sunday Gospel is the focus with the children encouraged to listen to the word of God through prayer, silence and reflection. The children participate in discussion, followed by an activity arising from the Gospel.
Answers to frequently asked questions can be viewed here


A Register is taken every week.  Bronze / Silver / Gold Certificates are given for 10 / 20 / 30 attendances in a school academic year.


We are always looking for new volunteers to help with the Children’s Liturgy Group. If you would like to become involved or have any further questions please contact Elspeth Casey (Group Leader) through the Parish Office.