Confirmation Retreat March 2013

1st – 3rd March 2013

Our Confirmation Group this year has 39 young people in it who are preparing to receive the Sacrament on 18th May this year.  At the beginning of this month, 16 young people took part in the annual retreat to the Diocesan Youth Centre in Kent, with 21 who took part last month..

This is such an important part of the programme as it provides a platform to discuss one’s faith and relationship with God over a whole weekend, facilitated by young people either in, or training for, a life in youth ministry, in a way which is not possible in hourly sessions in the parish.  Our thanks to Julz who led the programme, and ably assisted by Sian, Charlotte, Amy, Katy & Michael, who once again provided us with a fantastic weekend.   Over the course of the weekend, we explored topics such as:

  • What makes Jesus unique?
  • What attracts people to following Jesus?
  • What qualities does a disciple of Jesus have or need to have?
  • The voice of God calling people to him
  • Liturgy preparation
  • Why we believe in God and our image of Him
  • Gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit

In addition to this, we held morning and night prayer every day, and a wonderful Mass which all the young people had an active part in, celebrated by Fr Anthony.  Of course, no trip to Whitstable would be complete without a trip to the bowling alley and a walk on the beach. 

From the parish, I would like to thank our catechists who sacrificed a weekend with family and friends to come with us to make the whole thing possible: Helen, Debbie, Peter & Fr Anthony. 

Andrew Richardson