Flower Festival

The Flower Festival held on 13th June 2008 was one of the events organised for the Jubilee Year of the building of the church building. Across the Church worldwide, flowers have a long and varied history over hundreds of years, with a language of their own within the liturgy in Ordinary Time and for the many celebrations during the Church’s year. Easter and Christmas come with their own traditions of floral displays. Then there are weddings, christenings, funerals, confirmation, communion and many other special events. For our flower festival, bringing together the community to produce these beautiful carpets, pictures and displays of flowers is a wonderful means of joining us together in celebration.

From within the parish, displays were provided by the UCM, Choir, St Anthony Prayer Group, Secular Franciscan Order, Café, Cubs & Beavers, Knights of St Columba, Justice & Peace, Noah’s Ark, and Our Lady Immaculate School.

Contributions were also made from the local community from St Matthew’s, Emmanuel Church, St George’s and St Joseph’s.