Lenten Project Helen O’Brien Memorial Sponsored Walk 2014

22nd March 2014

The Helen’s Hikers group was back for its second outing as part of the Lenten Project, and in memory of Helen O’Brien.

Fourteen intrepid souls set off from church on a 17 mile hike which took in a circuit of Richmond Park.  The weather was ideal (when compared to the snow and bitter winds of last year at any rate)!   Back at base camp, a team of people prepared lunch which was to be served in the park. 

On arriving back at OLI, the final photo was taken before it was into the Presbytery for a hot drink. Boots off inside the front door revealed an assortment of blisters and blood and socks worn through. Half an hour later most of them probably regretted taking them off as putting them back on was quite an effort.

So, congratulations to all those who took part and, hopefully, your efforts should be amply rewarded when the Sponsorship money rolls in.