Odyssey – trip to Thorpe Park

Odyssey – our Young People’s Group

Saturday 6th July saw what was really the first day of summer. The sun was out, and during the day, temperatures topped the high 20’s. Sixteen members of our Young People’s Group with 4 leaders set off by minibus to Thorpe Park in Surrey. (Unfortunately, being July, there were many other activities going on which clashed, so there were many more that could not go for various reasons – there is always next time).

Someone asked one of the leaders if they minded taking two minibuses of young people to Thorpe Park for the day. “Mind?” they said – “not a bit… we need the young people to give us an excuse for going!”

So, with lots of excited people we set off and were in the park just after 9.30am queuing for the first of many rides that day. For some strange reason, the water rides seemed the most popular and before long we all looked rather bedraggled (no, that is not the normal look)! The Tidal Wave seemed amongst the most popular, and you can see from one of the pictures below just how much water is thrown up over the boat when you get to the bottom of the water slide!

We left just after 4pm and got back to church around 5pm, tired, but happy to have spent the day together – a great day was had by all!

Andrew Richardson