Tolworth Tornadoes

Parish Lenten Project

At 7:30 on Sunday 25th March (the clocks went forward that day so it felt very-much like 6.30am) 13 Tolworth Tornadoes departed on their most gruelling and longest (time wise) ever bike ride to Worth Abbey in Sussex for the Lenten Project. Caroline, who became the first Lady Tornado last year, was joined this year by Mary, Vicky and Ann. This year the ride had more hills than ever before and some were so tough that the only way up was to get off the bikes and push them up the hills. Worth Abbey was reached after 12.00 noon by the exhausted Tornadoes. A Brother from the Abbey greeted the team and congratulated them. He was shocked to hear that the team were also riding back to Tolworth. The Tornadoes then enjoyed a picnic by the side of the Abbey Church. The Tornadoes arrived back in Tolworth in time to be greeted and congratulated by parishioners leaving after the 6pm Mass. In all, there were 5 punctures and 1 gear problem. As in previous years Justine & Petra Manche generously provided a support vehicle and kept the Tornadoes topped up with calories and high energy drinks (tea with sugar). Well done to Fr Arbo, Phil T, Laurie, Phil H, Jonathan, Paul, Tom, Peter, Mary, Caroline, Ann, Vicky and Tony.