Tolworth Tornados

Lenten Project Sponsored Bike Ride

Tolworth Tornadoes had a chilly start at 7:30am and even managed to get caught at the traffic lights outside the church!  We followed the river from Kingston to Hampton Court, then to our first tea stop at Lower Sunbury. After that, it was Chertsey, Lyne and Chobham, then Longcross, Virginia Water followed by the climb up Callow Hill until our next stop at Englefield Green. Some minor bike adjustments went on here then it was off again whizzing down Crimp Hill on our way into Old Windsor. Crimp Hill was the site of our first (and only) “off” when one of our group looked round to check everybody was OK behind, but didn’t notice the road bending and went straight into the verge to end up with a face full of stinging nettles!   Crimp Hill is also memorable for the sight (and sound) of our Parish Priest shouting with excitement like a big kid as he raced down the hill. In Windsor, we scoffed the wonderful spread provided by Justine and Petra Manche, had our photos taken under the Castle (yes, the Queen was in), then set off on the route home. This was an entirely different ride to that earlier in the day. Now the serious business of getting back to Tolworth was uppermost; no talking, nose to tail, pushing hard, no time to look at the scenery, just pound away at the pedals. There were no more mishaps and a few brief stops and everyone arrived back at OLI ready for a soak in a warm bath and a hot drink. 51 miles covered in total.

Laurie Dooley